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I was just a girl when I saw the end, although I didn’t realize it then. I wish I had, my life would have been a whole lot easier.

Everybody wants something to be remembered, a mark that will tell the world you were here and you did something worthwhile.

Well, if I’m remembered in any way it won’t be because of something I did. I was a nobody and everybody will know I was there because I died.

The day I saw the end was bright and sunny like a bad omen. It was the kind of day that makes a person suspicious as if the world is trying to get up to no good. I had had better days, but I wouldn’t have believed myself if I had known this was the last day I’d see. As I walked, I felt the sun on my face, the sweat on my brow, and the hum of the crowd around me; I was so alive and so very dead.

It was a busy day; the fair was full of people who had come there to have fun. Haridwar Escorts Service was one of them. I had come with my best friend to enjoy the festival and forget about the problems at home, if only for a day.

I was by no means an artist, but the clay balls of all colors on the black cloth were the main attraction. They covered my arms in a mesmerizing pattern of blues, reds, greens, silver, and gold.


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Helder and I had reached the final level of the 4D section of the Haridwar escorts agency. We were battling waves, hitting speeds of over forty miles per hour. Enemy lasers, energy balls, and blasts of fire shot at us from all directions. In the distance, I spotted a giant eye. ‘Thank you Helios, come to my aid,’ I thought. The eye raised itself threateningly to the sky. The eye was a perfect equilateral triangle. ‘Thank you Kahunaa’ I thought. The eye lowered and a giant serpent of lightning struck our ship. Helder and I were hurled through the air. ‘Come to our aid Kahuna. Protect us’ I cried as I hit the ground hard. Luckily we had allied with Kahuna and so although we were quickly killed I was resurrected within seconds.